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Heat and high temperature wire


Heat and high temperature wire and cable are generally determined by two requirements. The first is that the wire and cable have a high ambient temperature, and the cable can normally transmit signals or electric energy under long-term high temperature; the other is the power transmission cable, which mainly aims to increase the intercepting capability.

Cables that work in high temperature environments. Ordinary cables are prone to insulation aging and scorching at high temperatures, and the use of cables loses performance and is damaged and cannot be used. The high-temperature cable can work normally and stably at rated high temperature, and the signal or power transmission performance is not affected, and the cable has a long service life. This type of functional cable is the most common type of high temperature cable, and the use characteristics are also the easiest to understand.

The load-increasing high-temperature cable is mainly developed to reduce the outer diameter and weight of the cable under the premise of current-carrying. In general, the higher the operating temperature of the cable, the greater the current carrying capacity of the cable of the same cross section. In the case of airplanes and automobiles, the weight reduction is quite significant, and the use of high-temperature cables greatly reduces the cross-section. When the operating temperature is raised from 90 ° C to 155 ° C, the current carrying capacity is increased by 50%. Under the same current carrying capacity, the cable weight is reduced by half and the cost is also reduced. Of course, the high power cut-off, the power loss of most insulating materials will also increase.

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